Robert Loevinger: Zichrono L’vracha

Dear Friends:

Blessed is the Judge of Truth.

My father, Robert Loevinger, passed into the World of Truth this
morning, here in San Diego, after a long illness.

He was a man of service: to his family, to his country, and to the
world. He served his family by caring for his own father when he was
ill, and by being a devoted father, uncle, grandfather, husband, and
son-in-law. He served his country as as a scientist; he helped the
war effort by joining the Manhattan Project, and for many years
afterwards turned his brilliance to medical physics, working with
governmental agencies on standards for medical physics on a national
and international basis. To that end, he served the world, both
formally, through his work with the International Atomic Energy
Agency, and also by being extraordinarily committed to intellectual
honesty, humanist values, and personal integrity.

As per his wishes, there will be no formal funeral, but a memorial
service in Maryland at some future date TBA.

I will be sitting shiva in Massachussetts: Thursday, November 10th,
from 10 am onwards; Friday, Nov 11th, until an hour before sunset;
Saturday, the 12th, from 6pm, and Sunday the 13th from 10am.

It would be great if people local to MA could help me make a mincha
minyan at around 4pm on Thursday and Sunday; ma’ariv will happen
shortly thereafter or later in the evening as people gather.
Saturday night I’d like to make a minyan between 6-7pm.

Address for shiva: 404 Langley Road (between Beacon and Rt 9, but
only block in from Rt 9) Apartment 304, Newton Centre, MA.

781 254 8194 if you get lost.

Donations may be made to the Union of Concerned Scientists:

His memory is already a blessing.


PS- No Torah commentary this week, but you can find one of my
previous commentaries, along with other good ones, here:

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